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Capturing Kids' Hearts

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Hear first-hand about this transformational training experience from Bethany Rosebrock, Director of Training and Product Development.

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Capturing Kids’ Hearts

“If you have a child’s heart, you have his head.”™ - Flip Flippen

Truly remarkable outcomes are possible in a classroom where trust, respect, and caring relationships flourish. But creating such an environment is a tremendous challenge. Capturing Kids' Hearts is a 3-day off-site learning experience that provides tools for administrators, faculty and staff to build positive, productive, trusting relationships — among themselves and with their students. These processes can transform the classroom and campus environment, paving the way for high performance.

Outcomes: Participants will learn proven, repeatable skills that help:

  • Develop safe, trusting, self-managing classrooms
  • Improve classroom attendance by building students' motivation and helping them take responsibility for their actions and performance
  • Decrease delinquent behaviors such as disruptive outbursts, violent acts, drug use and other risky behavior
  • Utilize the EXCEL Model™ and reinforce the role of emotional intelligence in teaching
  • Develop students' empathy for diverse cultures and backgrounds

Approach: CKH is a dynamic, skill-driven, participatory experience. It is not a theoretical or motivational lecture, but the beginning of an important transformational process. Teachers, staff, and administrators learn and practice skills they will use and model in their schools.

Who: Capturing Kids' Hearts is meant for all faculty, staff, and campus-level administrators. CKH is the core of a powerful process that allows every member of the school family to foster and become part of a high-performing, learning community. We encourage schools to get started by sending to Capturing Kids' Hearts training several respected teachers and administrators-influential faculty and staff who encourage and inspire their peers.

When: This is a three-day learning experience. Open-enrollment sessions are available throughout the year in locations nation-wide. We can also schedule client-booked sessions with up to 50 individuals at a time.

Where: Open-enrollment sessions take place at locations we have found to be conducive to learning. Client-booked sessions can be scheduled at a convenient off-site location in retreat or day formats. We will work with you to determine an appropriate location.

Other attendance considerations: Experience shows that the optimal outcome - an intentional culture shift - relies on the complete support and involvement of school administrators. Consequently, they are strongly encouraged to attend as early in the process as possible.

Getting started: To attend an open-enrollment session, to discuss your options for a larger-scale implementation, or for answers to any other questions, please call The Flippen Group at 800.316.4311.

Experiencing Capturing Kids' Hearts

Watch these self-made videos from other school districts who are benefiting from Capturing Kids' Hearts




“I have been teaching for 29 years and have never been more impacted or filled with the desire to teach than I have after attending Capturing Kids’ Hearts.”

Linda Mattox, Vocational Counselor

"The Capturing Kids' Hearts process has revitalized our already tremendous staff. Our statistics speak for themselves; discipline problems nearly non-existent, and academic achievement con- stantly improving."

Dave Daughton, Principal

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