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“I've been meaning to sit down to write you but this has been such a whirlwind beginning…then tropical storm Isadore! Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to say Teen Leadership has far exceeded my expectations! It has made such a difference in my classes as well as in my outlook as a teacher. I always had a great relationship with my students; however, that usually came 18 weeks into the course! I felt this relationship growing the second week into school. The atmosphere of the school has been so great as well. Hard to describe sometimes! Just wanted to say thanks! I'm still learning but it has been such a great beginning. I could teach another ten years and I only have about 6 left!”
Karen Ellender, High School Teacher

“In our investigation of character education programs, I have yet to find one that does what Teen Leadership does. I look forward to a long and strong relationship between Teen Leadership and Deer Park I.S.D.”
David Hicks, Superintendent

“I am a teacher in Louisiana and I went to your training during the summer. I wanted to bring to your attention that I am now a firm believer in what you do!!! And I thank you dearly from my heart. I had a little skepticism, but I went into teaching this course full force and the change is REAL!! Not only did my students benefit tremendously, but I never realized just how much I would benefit!!! I finally came to the conclusion that this is why I do what I do!! Being only a second year teacher, I knew it was my passion, but not to this extreme. I truly don't believe that my students know just how much they have taught me. I thank you for being a part of making my life complete as a teacher.”
Cheryl Daigle, High School Teacher

“Teen Leadership gives young people of today the opportunity to see first-hand: self-discipline, commitment, perseverance, and the consistency of living a principle-based life. I have personally seen Teen Leadership make a difference in kids’ lives, shaping the heart and soul of our future.”
Joe Pirtle, Past President of Texas Association of School Administrators

“Mr. Flippen, I have taught Teen Leadership for the past four years out of 24 years of teaching. I cannot begin to tell you the changes that it has made in my life--both in school and at home! You are such a shining star to me! The students absolutely love the course! Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity for becoming a great teacher, instead of just an adequate teacher! I attribute receiving ‘Teacher of the Year’ to Teen Leadership training! Thanks again for everything! You are really terrific!”
Sandy Morton, High School Teacher

“Since we have adopted Teen Leadership, we have seen a tremendous decrease in discipline problems. Our referral number was cut in half, from 850 in the first nine weeks of school last year, to 418 in the first nine weeks of school this year.”
Steve Brown, Junior High School Principal

“The staff at the alternative school believes that Teen Leadership is a powerful program. They experience the evidence of this each day as they work with the most troubled youngsters in our district.”
E. J. Garcia, Assistant Superintendent

“[Using the Teen Leadership techniques] I have had significantly fewer discipline problems this year, yet more students per class and more students with previous discipline issues in each class.”
Ann Wilber, High School Teacher

“[Because of Teen Leadership] the school began to see more respect among students and teachers, fewer fights, and increased attendance.”
Austin American Statesman

“This year has been the best out of seventeen. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the opportunity to teach this powerful curriculum.”
Jill Palmquist, Middle School Teacher

“Hope you are doing well! I can't believe the impact you have made in Nacogdoches. We are receiving comments from parents throughout the district about how much the children are enjoying school and the change in teacher attitudes. We even received comments in the paper about teachers being outside at the High School early in the morning greeting students and parents. Our ADA has never been higher in the history of the district. We are averaging better than 97% daily attendance. We were fortunate last year to average 95%. The Teen Leadership class at MMIS is beginning to show positive signs in student behavior and making a difference in a lot of the kids’ lives. In short, we are having a great year! Thank You, Thank You!!!”
Ray Glynn, Assistant Superintendent

“We compared the first six weeks grades of our Teen Leadership students this year with last year, before they were in our class. Many were failing multiple courses, assigned to the detention center, had police records, etc. Now they are experiencing what it feels like to be successful. They are achieving academically, staying out of trouble, and truly exemplifying the Teen Leadership spirit. The curriculum is awesome, and these kids are becoming true leaders. Thank you!”
Debbie Roesler, Ele Manry, Dawn Buegeler, Intermediate School Teachers


“It teaches us how to respect not only our elders, but also our peers. We also learn how to help others that are in need of advice. I believe many students do not have anyone to talk things over with. If they can talk to someone they trust, maybe there will be less time spent in detention.” Kaci

“Last year lots of my classmates including myself were terrible. I didn’t think that I could change but I did and a whole lot of kids in this class did too. I won’t worry anymore about going to detention because from now on I will only worry about myself and I will stop trying to impress my friends. If they don’t like me for who I am then they’re not my friends.” Roderick

“It teaches kids to be great role models for others and also to respect everyone’s opinions. Teen Leadership also teaches us to take responsibility for our own actions.” Margarita

“It has helped me to have more self-confidence and learn to make good first impressions.” Joshua

“This class has taught me to accept others for who they are and to let my friends accept me for who I am. If they don’t like me then it’s their loss of a good trustworthy friend. It has taught me to turn the other cheek when somebody says something to me I don’t like.” Gladys

“Teen Leadership makes you want to be a better person. It helps you find yourself and learn about other people. It’s also a reality class, teaching you about life, careers, and relationships. It is the highlight of my day, having a safe atmosphere and confidentiality. It’s a class that needs to be made mandatory for all students because it provides a variety of life lessons.” Ashley

“This class brought out leadership values I never knew existed within me.” Teddy

“This class has impacted my life because it made me realize what type of person I am and how to change for the better. The class has taught me how to be much more responsible and what it takes to be a true leader. I love taking Teen Leadership.” Katie

“Teen Leadership allowed me to become close with many people and it strengthens your people skills. It also allowed me to have more self-confidence and not to let peer pressure from other people influence my decisions in life.” Jenna

“I came into Teen Leadership with a bad attitude but that has totally changed now. Teen Leadership has given me an opportunity to open up and start friendships with students I wouldn’t normally spend my time with.” Kristine

“I never expected to have a special relationship with everyone in an entire class. In Teen Leadership, all the students reach out to one another, hoping to make a difference in each other’s lives.” Lindsey

“Teen Leadership has given me a lot of trust in the teacher and the students.” Kacy

“Teen Leadership is a great class for learning how to make the right choices. I think twice when I’m about to make a decision because I know all actions have consequences.” Amanda

“This class has really helped me a lot. I can now get up in front of a class without being scared. Not only did it help me in my public speaking, it helped with my relationships with friends and family. I learned how people feel when they are made fun of and I learned not to do that.” Valerie

“I have learned a lot about how to be a leader and not to be mean to other people. I have also learned that it doesn’t matter what you look like; it just matters how you are inside. ” Chad

“Teen Leadership has made me open my eyes and see that everything is not my mom’s fault. I blame her for a lot of my problems but they’re mainly my fault. It has also taught me how to speak in front of my peers without being nervous. I don’t worry as much as I used to about what they think.” Tracie

“Teen Leadership has helped me because now I have started to control my temper. I am a much better student.” Richard

“It’s really hard for me to trust someone especially because of my past…It can be hard to cheer up after your parents have put you down so many times. But one thing I learned and I know that I will always remember is that I control my attitude.” Vanessa

“Teen Leadership has impacted my life in many different ways. Most of my life I have been quiet and shy, but when I took this class it helped me open up and get out of my shell. Also, I have always had a bad relationship with my mother but this class helped me to communicate with her. Now I feel that I trust her and that I can tell her anything.” Elizabeth

“I had become a person that wouldn’t talk to anyone. When I’d go home I would spend the rest of the day in my room. Because of Teen Leadership I learned to trust people and I started to communicate with others. Now I see my Teen Leadership class as a big family.” Dora

“Prior to the class I had a thing for stereotyping people…I knew who I wasn’t going to get along with. During the class I found out that there wasn’t much difference between all of us and that the only difference was in the way we grew up. I was also able to empathize with them whenever they were going through hard times. I know that without Teen Leadership I would still have that problem.” Isaac

“This class has really made me a different person. I’ve made more friends and my mom and dad even said that they could see a difference in me.” Andrea

“I never wanted to go to school before, but I like to now because of Teen Leadership.” Ashley

“I learned that I should do the right thing without a teacher or parent telling me to.” Daniel

“Teen Leadership is the greatest thing to happen to me in my life. I’m now better at making friends. My parents comment on how polite I am. They also comment on how I can talk to anyone. I think Teen Leadership has greatly improved my life.” Dixon

“I’m going to be honest with you. When I first came to this school I was scared. But when I came to Teen Leadership class it made me feel much better. I felt like I was with friends. I feel that Teen Leadership is the best class I have ever been to. It has taught me to be an all-around better person.” Brian







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