Building High-Performing Teams and Overcoming Personal Constraints™

Great performance does not happen by accident; leaders make it happen. Successful leaders know how to create positive relationships and productive cultures that lead to strong results. That is what Leadership Blueprint is all about.

Leadership Blueprint helps organizations cultivate true leadership potential at all levels to meet ambitious goals. In this three-day learning experience, participants quickly discover that relationships are at the core of performance, that real trust and respect are essential in any organization seeking to grow and improve. At Leadership Blueprint training, leaders learn and practice specific skills that make clear, candid communication possible. They learn to use these skills in their personal relationships and to model and apply them on the job.

In addition to other elements of the session, each participant completes the Flippen Profile to identify key personal constraints to performance and receives an individual plan of action to overcome those constraints.

Outcomes: Leaders learn to:
  • Connect with peers and colleagues toward common goals
  • Open lines of communication to give and receive feedback effectively
  • Use the EXCEL Model™ during interpersonal interactions and meetings
  • Build high-performing, self-managing teams
  • Develop specific skills and techniques for conflict resolution
  • Uncover and overcome personal constraints
  • Identify self-limiting behavioral patterns and tendencies
  • Devise action plans to remove constraints and capitalize on strengths
  • Enhance self-awareness through 360° feedback

Approach: Leadership Blueprint is a dynamic, skill-driven, participatory experience, not a theoretical or motivational lecture. Leaders learn and practice skills they will use and model on a daily basis.

Who: Leadership Blueprint is intended for leaders at all levels of an organization - people who are responsible for getting things done through peers and colleagues. The ideal scenario involves as many top-level leaders as possible.

When: This is a two-day learning experience. Open-enrollment sessions are available throughout the year in locations nation-wide. We can also schedule client-booked sessions with up to 30 leaders at a time.

Where: Open enrollment sessions take place at locations we have found to be conducive to learning. Client-booked sessions can be scheduled at a convenient off-site location in retreat or day formats. We will work with you to determine an appropriate location.

Other attendance considerations: Effective leadership demands an intentional balance of people and system skills. Leaders are encouraged to also attend Organization Blueprint, which focuses on system skills, within 6-12 months.

Getting started: To attend an open-enrollment session, to discuss your options for a larger-scale implementation, or for answers to any other questions, please call The Flippen Group at 800.316.4311.

“Thank you for the contributions you have made to the world through your pro- grams. You have changed my family life, forever altered the way I treat people, motivated me to be more and go further, and caused me to really look at all my relationships.”

Stephen Patterson Assistant Principal


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